Sighting the Moon

Sighting the Moon

Four Points to Keep in Mind

  1. The moon orbits around around the Earth in 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes 2.9 seconds. This is called the Synodic month.
  2. While the Moon rotates, there is a point when the Sun, Moon and Earth align straight with each other. This is called a New Moon. The part of the moon facing Earth is completely in the shadow. After this point, the moon starts to become a crescent but is not visible yet.
  3. The Moon will not be visible until:
    1. a. The age of the moon is 18 hours old (the age since the New Moon).
    2. b. The Moon is at 10-degrees elongation from the Earth
    3. c. The Moon remains in the horizon for at least 45 minutes after sunset

Note: The Moon cannot be seen without meeting these three conditions. Sighting reports without these three conditions met are undoubtedly FALSE. Check this information for yourself by looking for the Hilal all year around. Experience will prove it.

  1. False sighting reports can be easily eliminated using basic astronomical data.

Note: If there is RU’YAH AMMAH throughout the Western Hemisphere, the next day will be the 1st of the new month. This is the ONLY WAY to have one Ramadan and one Eid for all of North America.


How to Sight the Moon

  • Facing west, find a good spot with a clear view of the horizon.
  • Wait for the Sun to set, then look for the crescent moon in the part of the sky where the Sun set
  • Look in the direction of the setting sun. Keep looking immediately above the setting sun. Also look to the right or left of it, up to 30° in either direction of the setting sun.
  • Never look directly at the Sun, using your naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.
  • Can you see the crescent moon? Are you sure? Is it a cloud or a vapor trail?
  • Make a note of where you were, the date and time of your observation, the weather conditions, whether you saw the Hilal or not, and the number of witnesses. 
  • Please report your sighting to the local Central Hilal Committee member/coordinator, and/or to us directly at, along with your name, contact information and the above mentioned details.
  • Please report both positive and negative sighting reports.


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