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CHC Representative of Arizona

  • AZ

Members 1) Shaikh Haroon


CHC Representative of Alabama

  • Anniston, AL

Members 1) Shaikh Nisaar ul Haq


CHC Representative of California

  • Stockton, CA

Members 1) Shaikh Obaid ur Rahman (Stockton) Chairman, Shariah Council Of California . 2) Shaikh Abdullah Nana


CHC Representative of Connecticut

  • CT

Members 1) Shaikh Haqqani MianQadri, Imam Stamford Masjid 2) Shaikh Hasan Abu Nar 3) Shaikh Shamsuddin (Bridgeport) 4) Mufti AbdusSamad Awal, Imam Masjid Bait ul Mukarram, Danbury


CHC Representative of Florida

  • FL

Members 1) Shaikh ZakariaBadat (Miami) 2) Shaikh Izhar Khan (Fort Lauderdale) 3) Imam Tariq Rasheed, Director, Islamic Center of Orlando 4) Shaikh Raseed Ahmad (Miami)


CHC Representative of Georgia

  • GA

Members 1) Shaikh Saiful Islam (Atlanta) 2) Br. Mahfuzur Rahman (Snellville)


CHC Representative of Illinois

  • Chicago, IL

Members 1) Shaikh Nawalur Rahman Hafizahullah, Chairman, Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation, Chicago 2) Shaikh Abdullah Saleem Hafizullah, Principal, Institute Of Islamic Education, Elgin


CHC Representative of Indiana

  • IN

Members 1) Shaikh Yaseen (Fort Wayne) 2) Shaikh Sulieman (Indianapolis)


CHC Representative of Kansas

  • KS

Members 1) Shaikh Shamsuddin Asif


CHC Representative of Maryland

  • MD

Members 1) Shaikh Adil 2) Shaikh Javed (Laurel)


CHC Representative of Massachusetts

  • MA, US

Members 1) Imam Abdullah AL Farooq, (Boston), New England Shura Council 2) Shaikh Mushtaque Ahmad (Framingham) 3) Shaikh Shakeelur Rahman, Imam of Islamic Center of Burlington


CHC Representative of Michigan

  • MI, US

Members 1) Maulana Haroon (Vice-Ameer, Ulema Council of Detroit, Detroit) 2) Mufti Abdur Rahman

New York

CHC Representative of New York

  • NY

Members 1) Shaikh Jamaluddin Shaikh, President, Shariah Board of New York 2) Shaikh Ruhul Amin, Principal, Darul Quran Wassunna

New Jersey

CHC Representative of New Jersey

  • NJ

Members 1) Shaikh Abdul Muqtadir Sikander, Imam Masjid Nidaul Islam, Teaneck 2) Shaikh Fatehul Islam, Imam, Jalalabad Masjid, Paterson

North Carolina

CHC Representative of North Carolina

  • NC

Members 1) Shaikh Fuzail Ahmed (Raleigh)


CHC Representative of Ohio

  • OH, US

Members 1) Shaikh Musa Sugapong (Cleveland) 2) Mufti Tayyib


CHC Representative of Pennsylvania

  • PA

Members 1) Mufti Muslihuddin Kawsar, Principal, Rihlatul Ilm Foundation 2) Shaikh Mohammad Ali, Imam Lansdale Masjid 3) Shaikh Iqbal Bhiyyat, Imam Al Madania Upper Derby 4) Maulana Musab Shaikh (Pittsburgh)


CHC Representative of Texas

  • TX, US

Members 1) Shaikh Imtiaz ur Rahman Thanvi (Houston) 2) Mufti Abdul Wahid (Houston) 3) Shaikh KashifSaleem (Houston) 4) Shaikh Osman (Dallas)


CHC Representative of Virginia

  • VA, US

Members 1) Shaikh Abdul Hameed (Dumfries) 2) Shaikh Shazad M. Hussain, Imam Masjid Noor, Springfield 3) Shaikh Asif, Imam Manassas Muslim Association


CHC Representative of Washington

  • WA, US

Members 1) Shaikh Fazal Hassan (Bellevue) 2) Shaikh Ahmad Abdul Mujeeb (Seattle)


CHC Representative of Wisconsin

  • WI, US

Members 1) Shaikh Qari Noman Hussain, (Milwaukee)


CHC Representative of Oregon

  • OR, US

Members 1) Mufti Abdul Hameed Qasmi, Iman (Portland, Oregon)

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  • Dhul Qa'dah 1439H Alerton July 14, 2018

    The Crescent Moon to commence the month of Dhul Qa'dah 1439 AH was looked for after the sunset on Friday, 13th July 2018. Reports from all sub Committees of CHC, both local and regional, unanimously confirmed that the moon was NOT SIGHTED. The Central Hilal Committee of...

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  • Dhul Qa'dah 1439Hon July 13, 2018

    Please make an effort in the form of a Jama'at (3 to 5 brothers at least) to sight the Hilal on the evening of Friday, July 13th 2018, for the month of Dhul Qa'dah 1439.  If you sight the moon, Click here to report it along with your name, address and contact info.

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  • Shawwal 1439H Alerton June 15, 2018

    The Crescent Moon to commence the month of Shawwal 1439 AH was looked for after the sunset on Thursday, 14th June 2018 and WAS SIGHTED in multiple locations by CHC sub-committees by Ru'yat Amma throughout the East Coast. The Central Hilal Committee of North America has accepted these report(s)...

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